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F1 1982 for rFactor v.0.90

  • This F1 1982 mod contains 2 versions, the HE and the LE.
    Each version has currently 11 teams but new teams/cars and other Updates will get added \”along the way\” before the release of the final F1 1982 HE- LE v.1.0.
    The mod also contains Sounds, Music, Movie and Talent files, 2 rFm´s and 2 seperate UIData and the Grinding Tranny mod too.


    3D model, car: Pedro (Ripping Corpse)
    3D model, cockpits: Luka K.
    Ferrari Graphics: ChiefWiggum
    Skins: Pedro (Ripping Corpse) & Luka K.
    Physics: Luka K. & J.C. Case
    Helmets: Pedro (Ripping Corpse) & J.C. Case
    Driver Suits: Eddie Matapayos
    Engine model: Maurizio Gilles
    Other Works: J.C. Case & *BlackMagic*

    Pedro – Magnificent original GP4 mod
    Montesky – Sounds from the 1988 mod
    Valiante – Permission to use graphics & objects from the 1985 Mod
    Hugh Jarse – For His Alternative Showroom 1.0 – the support from our members
    And last but not least a Big Thanks to our awesome test team.
    Apex, Argl, *BlackMagic*, Bob, Don, Kabo, Kiro and Louis.



    Historic Edition:
    Each team uses it´s own physics and in those cases when a Teams use multiple cars, they also use their own physics. The HE uses 8 different engines and 7 different engine sounds with the two Ford Cosworth engines sharing the same sounds.
    You can adjust the boost pressure In-Car with the Ferrari in which Temporary boost is available too. The boost pressure on the Brabham can only be set in the Garage. Adjustable boost pressure settings are not available on the Renault.
    The use of high boost pressures will however make the engines less reliable just as the use of Max revs also will do. You should change gears when the Rev Lights switches on to make sure that you reach the finish line.

    The Default setups are new but the Gearing and Wing settings are \”left over´s\” from the v.60.
    You Increase Engine brake in both versions by lowering its numbers in the Garage, ex from 3 to 2 and vise verse. There´s Onboards starters attached to both versions too.
    League Edition:
    The LE uses the same graphics and sound files as the HE mod do.
    Each team and car uses the same Physics and Engine which is a 3 liter V8, and Tire physics too.

    It´s default setup is not made for any particular track, it´s made to be easy to drive and as a starting point for your own setups.

    The Tires:
    There are 3 different Tires available in both Mods. The 4 different Tire brands uses different names in the HE but regardless on their names the Options are essentially \”Hard, Soft and Qualifying\”.
    All tires Ideal Temp is set to 80c, but they heat up differently. The \”Soft\” and \”Qualifying\” tires heat´s up more and faster then the \”Hard\” tires do.

    The \”Hard\” tires are more durable then the Soft tires but they have less grip too. The \”Hard\” tires will last you for about an hour depending on the track and on how hard you use them.
    The mory grippy \”Soft\” tires will last you for about 40 minutes depending on the track and on how hard you use them.
    The \”Qualifying\” tires will last you between 2-4 laps depending on the track and on how hard you use them.

    You will not loose any big amount of grip until the Tire Wear Dot´s on the HUD-dispay goes Red, and you will have to pit for new Tires pretty soon when there´s only 2 Red Dot´s left. But until then, you´re safe.

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